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Floor Care

Even the best quality flooring ages after a while, but there are a range of ways you can help extend the lifetime of any flooring material with some care and maintenance.

All flooring benefits from cleaning and vacuuming, but each material whether wood, laminate, vinyl or carpet can have its life extended with more focused care divided into day to day work and occasional periodic cleaning. What’s right for one type of flooring can be damaging to others so in the sections below you can find more detailed recommendations on how best to care for whatever flooring is installed in your home or business.

Carpet care advice

Carpet Care

Regular vacuuming is an essential, but like any kind of fabric or textile carpets benefit hugely from occasional deep cleans and using just the right kind of carpet shampoo.

Advice on caring for real wood floors

Caring for Wood Floors

Choosing the right mops, brushes and techniques can make a vast difference to wooden flooring, get it right and they can last for decades typically looking better and better with age, get it wrong and you could damage or scratch the wood; follow our guide to make sure you do the former!

Laminate flooring cleaning and care

How to Clean Laminate Flooring

Designed as a more practical alternative to wood laminate flooring ensures you don’t have to worry about every spillage staining or warping the floor, laminates can still degrade with age or poor care so following our simple recommendations you can make sure you get much more out of your investment.

Taking care of vinyl and designer floors

Vinyl Flooring Care

Favourites in the commercial sector or in domestic kitchens and bathrooms across the UK, vinyl flooring is as low maintenance as it gets; non porous, wipe clean and very impact resistant just a little care goes a very long way.

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