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Laminate Flooring Care

Laminate flooring was designed for modern lifestyles and to be very tough and durable with easy maintenance features and high impact resistance, but a little help can go a long way caring for it.

Laminate Flooring

Everyday cleaning and maintenance of installed laminate flooring is best achieved with a soft broom; hard or stiff brooms can easily scratch the surface of the floor; a soft plastic broom or a string mop is ideal for removing general dirt and debris. Swiffer-type mops that use a soft cloth to dust the floor are also soft enough to prevent any accidental damage to the laminate floor surface.

Liquid spills are one of the greatest dangers and they must be mopped up thoroughly and as quickly as possible. Laminate floors are not absolutely water tight and if liquid is left to sit on the surface it will gradually seep into the cracks between laminate strips. Just like wooden floors, the laminate will swell and warp if it gets damp.

A common serious problem are sharp edges, especially to heavy objects; consider covering the feet of tables and chairs with self stick felt pads to prevent the laminate floor surface getting scraped and marked.

More periodic cleaning should utilise special laminate floor cleaner; the floor surface is different to wood or tiling so a specific cleaning fluid is necessary. Available from most hardware stores you simply spray a light mist of the cleaner over the floor then use a Swiffer mop or polish cloths to buff the floor clean.

An option for preventative maintenance rather than direct cleaning is to incorporate some rugs around the space, make sure they have rubber backing to prevent slips. Rugs by entrances to pick up stones and debris from shoes are ideal, covering likely areas of spillage such as around a sink or providing impact protection under cupboards where you keep canned goods can all prevent a small accident turning into a big problem for your floor.

Whatever type of laminate flooring you want installed we can help you pick out the ideal brand and model for your home, and equip you with all the advice you need to keep it looking beautiful for years. Contact us today to learn more or arrange a survey and quotation with one of our team.