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Natural Carpets

Natural fibre carpets bring fantastic texture and warmth into a room as well as offering impressive durability and long lasting good looks especially in domestic homes.

We stock and install natural carpets in seagrass, sisal, jute, coir, mountain grasses and wool materials offering a dazzling range of colours and weaves which can transform something expected to be cosily rustic into striking modern elegance. Ideal everywhere including bedrooms, dining rooms, stairs, lounges and some commercial offices natural carpets are tough, easy to maintain and a very environmental option requiring no man made materials and which are entirely biodegradable.

Give us a call and speak to our specialist floor fitters who are more than happy to go through your requirements with you. We will provide you with any information you need and will ensure that all your new carpets or designer flooring are installed professionally. Our stock includes a variety of new carpets, vinyls, laminated and real wood flooring samples that are sure to meet your requirements and fit with the style of your home. 

Coir and Jute natural fibre carpets

Coir comes from coconut husks in India and so is very strong. The fibres are removed by hand, soaked in seawater to soften and then woven into a range of designs typically sold in a range of natural golden shades. Jute is also an Indian fibre taken from the stalk of the jute plant, often used in rope and sack making it is very tough but finer than coir so great for lower traffic carpets.

Seagrass and other grass carpets

Seagrass grows in China and Vietnam on the banks of coastal rivers, it is harvested by hand then dried and spun into cords to be woven into carpets which are very strong, it is often woven in chunky, herringbone style designs but can also be styled more finely. Mountain grass carpets are also becoming popular offering a more luscious, loosely woven feel and beautiful colouring in its naturally varied golden shades.

Sisal natural fibre carpets

Sisal comes from Mexico, Brazil and East Africa after extraction from the agave sisalana plant. The plants dense leaves have a fine texture and they are handpicked then crushed resulting in fine white sisal fibres which can be woven into carpets. Very hard wearing, easy to colour and ideal in hallways or on stairs sisal carpets are typically in very tightly woven and intricate weaves, styles and designs.

Our showroom in Kent offers a wide range of natural carpets on display or available as samples; drop in anytime to get the advice and recommendation of our team as to whether natural fibres will fit well into your home. Our professional floor fitters and new carpet installers carry out surveys and consultations for domestic and contract clients across London and the south east including Croydon, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Merton, Sutton, Kingston upon Thames, Esher, Leatherhead, Redhill, Sevenoaks, Medway, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Crawley, Guildford, Horsham and Ashford.

Beautiful natural carpets with a minimal environmental impact and long lasting durability; get a great choice and a professional installation for your new carpet to the highest standard by our expert team; contact us today and arrange a no obligation survey and quotation on your new floor fitting.