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Bespoke Floors

Terms and Conditions

1. QUOTATION VALIDITY PERIOD: - The price of the quote, from Bespoke Floors Ltd, will be held for a period of one month. Thereafter, prices are subject to an increase of cost or, to change any component of the quotation depending on supplier price increases.

2. PAYMENT TERMS: - Full payment is required upon placement of the order. All orders are based on accounts being settled as outlined above unless alternative arrangements are agreed in writing beforehand. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue amounts at the rate of 7% per month or part thereof. All prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated and are held for a period of 28 days only. On receipt of full payment, the price is fixed except for any change in the rate of VAT, or if there is any unforeseen additional work. If this is the case, you will be notified of the additional charges prior to work being done.

3. OWNERSHIP: - Until full payment of the goods is received, such goods shall remain the property of Bespoke Floors Ltd. They shall or through their agents, be entitled to recover all items for which payment has not been received, within these terms of trading.

4. PLACING AN ORDER: - It is the customer's responsibility to confirm their choice of colour, range and/or reference number of the product before an order can be placed. This should be in the form of a written reply preferably via E-Mail.

5. REFUND POLICY: - If the product has not been dispatched by the manufacturer, we will accept a cancellation of your order and refund your money. However, if the product has been ordered and prepared for dispatch, we will only accept cancellation if we may deduct a proportion of the purchase price (25%) from the refund we issue to you to cover the losses we will incur in returning the item to the manufacturer. We will advise you of any such charge and you may then decide whether you wish to cancel the order.

6. WASTED TIME CHARGES: - We reserve the right to charge a fee for wasted time if our Fitters arrive on site to find they are unable to proceed due to inadequate preparation or are unable to gain access to the premises. Fitting appointments are made in good faith, but the exact arrival and duration times cannot be guaranteed due to the nature and unpredictability of the work involved. We require a minimum of 72 hrs notice to re-schedule any fittings or any changes you may require once arrangements have been made. Failure to give sufficient notice may result in additional charges being levied.

7. INSTALLATION ARRANGEMENTS: - On receipt of materials we will contact you to arrange a date for installation if this had not already been arranged. Although we try our very best, any delivery dates given for receipt of materials are approximate. Information given in respect of times of arrival at your premises or time required to complete work are for guidance only. Furthermore, owing to unprecedented demands with the acquisition of such materials and their timescales the company, Bespoke Floors Ltd, cannot be held accountable and therefore the company is not liable for compensation. In addition to the above, due to unforeseen circumstances, this too will encompass our fitters. 

8. INSTALLATION: - When installing floor coverings, we carry out the work using methods we consider to be the most suitable. Should you require to know the position of seams or joins, please ask, and please ensure that any special instructions are made clear and confirmed in writing.

9. KITCHEN AND UTILITY AREAS: - We can offer a service to disconnect and re-connect appliances and our Fitters undertake to carry out their work with reasonable skill and care, but we accept no responsibility for any leaks. If you prefer to have a specialist to do this work, you must ensure the appliances are moved from the area of work prior to our visit. It should be noted vinyl surfaces reflect even slight undulations in the sub floor. This is typical of vinyl flooring and is not a material or installation fault.

10. APPEARANCE & SHADING: - All cut pile carpets are liable to shade, that is to show light and dark patches from unequal crushing of the pile surface. This is especially so with velvet piles with light and delicate shades which are more likely to soil in use and apparently change colour. Carpets with a longer pile will flatten in heavy wear areas, particularly on stairs. The very nature of products with a high content of wool or natural fibres can produce small blemishes and as with shading, these are characteristic of textile products and not manufacturing defects.

11. COLOURS: - Please note that our display samples from which selection is made are representative of colour and not replicas. Manufacturers point out that different dye batches can and often do vary in shade. On receipt of your order, if colour is critical, we may be able to obtain a cutting of current stock for your approval.

12. TRANSPORTATION: - Broadloom carpets are often transported wrapped around a core to prevent bending and creasing. This can result in a line or pole mark, usually to one end of the room. This mark is temporary and will disappear quite quickly.

13. UNDERLAYS: - The performance of a new carpet is enhanced by the provision of a good quality underlay. Some manufacturers’ guarantees are not valid if old underlay has been used.

14. SITE CONDITIONS: - It is sometimes necessary to deliver products to site for an acclimatisation period prior to installation. This can vary between 1 and 7 days depending on the product and climate. There is a requirement for a dry environment before, during and after installation of wood or laminate flooring. In the rooms where the floor is to be stored and laid, conditions should be the same as expected when the areas are in use. They must be weather tight with the heating system in place and all wet trades (i.e., plaster, cement, painting) must be completed and fully cured. Any damp problems must be completely remedied before installation commences. Many products are shrink wrapped and this should be left intact until the fitters arrive to start work. The temperature in the area to receive any type of flooring should be in the region of 58 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative air humidity should be between 35% and 65% when timber or laminate floors are to be installed. Cement sub floors must have a maximum moisture content of 5% and a maximum 75% relative humidity.

15. PREPARATION OF SUB FLOORS: - Prior to installation of some products, it is necessary to carry out floor preparation. When carrying out a site survey it is not always possible to obtain sufficient information to provide an accurate costing for floor preparation. The price we give is based on what we can see and on the assumption that the existing floor can be removed successfully. The price assumes that an overlay of 4mm or 6mm plywood or one coat of latex screed (3mm) is all that is required to produce a suitable surface.   In instances where extra work is required, thus incurring additional costs, this will be fully explained and priced before such work commences.

16. CONCEALED SERVICE AND WIRING: - It is essential you inform us of any concealed pipes or cables prior to work commencing. We do not accept any responsibility for damage caused if we are unaware of these. Wires for power, telephones, alarms, and computers etc that are often run above ground should not be placed under the floor covering.   If you do choose to leave wires in this position, we do not accept responsibility for any damage to the wires or the systems they serve.

17. TIMBER FLOORS: - Wood is a hygroscopic material and is therefore affected by changes in humidity and temperature. Natural contraction and expansion will occur, and gaps may appear. Timber floors are not suitable for wet areas and water left on the surface can cause damage. Similarly, caution should be used with laminate floors and advice sought beforehand. Wood is a natural material and therefore subject to infinite variations in colour, texture, knots, and grain patterns. Wood also has characteristics not found in man-made materials, such as surface splits and shakes where filling is sometimes necessary.   In the instances of loose knots, these are often filled with wax to retain the natural appearance of the product. These are accepted as being normal features of wood products and are not detrimental to their performance.

18. RENOVATION OF TIMBER FLOORS: - Prior to sanding and sealing old floors, we carry out all possible repairs, such as replacing missing blocks and securing any obviously loose ones. We repair, reposition, or replace damaged boards. When introducing new material, we endeavour to match the existing as close as possible, although this cannot be guaranteed. The purpose of renovation is to restore the wood to its original colour, and we therefore use clear sealants of high quality to protect the surface and enhance the appearance. Ingrained stains such as water, oil marks or infestation holes will not be removed by the sanding process. When we use fillers, these are resin based and will crack and fall out in time.

19. VINYL FLOORS: - Installation of vinyl floors such as Karndean and Amtico or safety flooring where the product is stuck to a prepared surface can only be carried out in well-ventilated areas and with normal working temperatures.  These products cannot be installed in extremes of temperature viz: below 60 or above 75 degrees. In this respect we are unable to install any type of stuck down flooring in conservatory areas during extremely hot weather.

20. DOOR CUTTING: - Please note we do offer a door cutting service; prices are on application. In addition to the above, whilst every effort is made to correct any necessary remedial work, during the fitting service, we cannot guarantee to completely remove squeaks from floorboards however, we will always endeavour to do our best.

21. QUOTES: - The quote provided is free of charge and you can be assured that we have included everything required for the project, to execute the high-end finish we pride ourselves on. If you require the quote broken down to anymore components, than it currently stands, we can gladly complete this for an admin charge of £75:00 to cover the time in doing so. This charge is fully refundable should you wish to proceed in booking your project with us.

22. SKIRTING BOARDS: - We will not be held responsible for any skirting boards that come loose during fitting that are fixed to the wall or stuck incorrectly.

CLEANING & MAINTENANCE: - For the best results, use only the cleaning regime and products recommended by the manufacturer of the flooring. The use of cleaners that contain abrasives or corrosives should be avoided. An upright cleaner with a brush and suction mechanism is preferable to a suction only machine to maintain the great majority of carpets.   Some manufacturers of loop pile products do however recommend suction only cleaning. Please ask for vinyl cleaning instructions.

GUARANTEES: - All installations carried out by our staff carry a full 12-month guarantee. During this time, we will attend to any items attributable to our work completely free of charge.   If you have a problem caused by some other occurrence, we are happy to carry out a service call at minimum cost and do what we can to rectify the situation.

CONCLUSION: - We value our customers most highly and our terms of trading are designed to outline our requirements, particularly in respect of site conditions. Your attention to them not only avoids misunderstandings and wasted time but primarily it helps us achieve the highest possible standards when installing your floor.