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Vinyl Flooring Care

Vinyl is the toughest and lowest maintenance of all the flooring types, but a few regular care considerations could hugely extend its longevity and fresh new looks.

Vinyl Flooring

Care for vinyl floors starts immediately, but simply; try not to move furniture or people around on a freshly laid floor for at least 24 hours, giving the adhesive time to dry properly. A day later damp mop the floor with clean warm water to pick up any loose dirt and then your new vinyl flooring installation is ready to go!

Every day vinyl floor care requires just a soft broom or dust mop sweep daily to prevent any build up of dirt or grit that can dull or scratch the vinyl tile surface; equally, spills should be wiped up quickly to prevent them becoming a sticky or hard residue.

Over time some dirt will inevitably accumulate; sweep or vacuum to remove anything loose then damp mop with a sponge mop and warm water, pressing into the vinyl flooring to loosen up stubborn surface dirt; a small amount of white vinegar can be added to the water for anything really stubborn. Cover just a small area at a time using different mops to apply and remove; this ensures you are removing dirt and not just spreading it around!

A more intense wash can also be carried out using floor cleaner which is specially formulated for use on vinyl floors; use a sponge mop or cloth and follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

High gloss vinyl floors with a urethane finish can lose their glossy lustre over time and require application of a good quality acrylic emulsion floor polish; don’t use one-step cleaner/polishers if you want a good result and never use mechanical buffing equipment which can easily mark or scratch the vinyl floor tiles.

Standard gloss vinyl floors can be buffed using a mechanical machine, ideally with a wool bonnet or pad but make sure the floor is clean and dry before starting. Frequency of buffing varies with use, some rooms may only need this treatment every other year.

Prevention is often more simple than care with vinyl floors and care must be taken with sharp or heavy objects like furniture dragging across the vinyl surface and scratching it; never try to just push or pull a refrigerator, stove or even table across vinyl flooring installations or you may gouge the tiles.

Use several people to securely lift objects, lay masonite strips on the floor or fit furniture feet pads that allow for soft, low friction movement, if you have to move items a long way hire an appliance dolly with soft tyres. Equal care is required for furniture just sitting there; heavy weights should be spread using furniture rests or furniture feet protectors.

Whatever you have in mind for your new vinyl flooring, we can help you pick out the ideal product and advise you on the best way to keep it looking brand new after a professional flooring installation; contact us today to arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced team.